Top 4 Trending Sofas in Dubai in 2022

Sofas are considered one of the most versatile pieces of furniture in Dubai. It can combine comfort, style, and practicality all rolled into one. From movie nights to lazy Sunday mornings and relaxing afternoons on the patio, or impressing the guests, sofas are crucial for every stance of interior design strategies.

They come in all shapes and sizes, from classic to modern, and everything in between. From sofas centered around a fireplace to ones that sit perfectly next to a window, you will find a wide variety of sofas in Dubai online. If you are about to buy one, let’s explore some of the latest trends in sofas in 2022 and also how to make sure they last longer than the trend itself.

#1. Bold is in

By bold we are talking about a bright-colored sofa that demands attention among all the furniture around it. Paring it up with strong deep colors makes the room look vibrant, warm, and inviting.

READ sofa 3.5 microfibre rust

If you want to go bold but still have some subtlety, consider taking a subdued color such as paprika.

#2. Step beyond curve

Curved sofa shapes are great for a modern interior look. It’s a smart way to increase the sitting space by one without even adding a new piece of furniture.

MANY sofa 3.5 beige

The deep seats and length make it perfect for stretching out and relaxing in the living room when you don’t want to lie down on the bed.

#3. The practical angle

The angular sofa beds enable you to use your living room interior spaces in a versatile way, by adapting them to evolving needs of more space, without letting go of the designs.

TOPS corner sofa Left natural

#4. Vintage-inspired

Some classic styles never find their way out of the home interior. So you can get either a genuine vintage sofa or a new one that is designed to look like classic shapes of the bygone golden era of furniture.

LOUIE sofa 2.5 microfibre dark grey

Maintaining the sofa

As fancy and tempting as it is to buy a trending sofa, to maintain its look and life, it’s important to pay proper and timely attention to its upkeep. Follow these points for the same:

  • Keep the sofa away from direct sunlight.
  • Regularly air and vacuum clean. Every once in a while professional deep cleaning is recommended.
  • Wipe using a damp cloth with mild soap. But do test the solution on a small section first to ensure no discoloration.
  • In case of stain, you can use stain remover with a clean cloth.


For their aesthetic and functionality, sofas hold an important place in every home interior. To buy the trending sofas in Dubai, check out The ONE. They have a wide selection of sofas online at great discounts that can be delivered anywhere across the UAE. 

Happy sofa buying!

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