Perform University Allowance Transfer To Earn Attractive Benefits

Perform University Allowance Transfer To Earn Attractive Benefits

A delay in getting your university allowance is enough to shatter all your expectations for the month. What if there is a way out of it? What if your bank starts taking care of everything? What if your bank ensures that you get your money in your account on time? What if it starts rewarding you for your faith and the opportunity to be your banking partner?

Do all these questions sound unrealistic? If yes, you are completely mistaken. There is a bank that can do everything that we mentioned above; Weyay digital bank. It rewards you for every university allowance transfer you make to your account.

Kuwait’s first digital bank

The National Bank of Kuwait has launched Weyay, the first digital bank in the country. It aims to serve the youth segment of the population that comes up to 66%. If you are 15 years or older, you can open an account here. The process of signing up is fully automated. All you need are your Smartphone and your Kuwait Civil ID. Send it its scanned copy, and the bank will do the rest. It lets you use your account within minutes of completing your sign-up. Weyay also lets you tell your own story through your credit/debit card. Choose the colour you want, and you can carry it in your pocket. And if you are a student, you are sure to love to be a part of Weyay. Join the bank and transfer your university allowance to your account. You will get the following in exchange:

Rewards for every university allowance transfer

Weyay acts as a university allowance app for students. It features amazing rewards on allowance transfers. Tap a few times, and the bank will do the rest.

You receive a reward when your allowance lands for the first time. And the flow of gifts continues to pour in as you do it every month.

Your bank ensures timely receipt of your allowance

Weyay collaborates with your university. And it ensures that you receive your money in your account. You just have to tap a few times on your app you move along with every screen for everything to happen.

Your bank celebrates with you

When you receive your first allowance, your bank is excited, in the same way as you are. It understands that you are getting closer to your financial goals with each passing day.

Helps you save great

The bank offers you tools to track and organize your expenses. It records every single transaction you perform. All you need to do is to check it at regular intervals. The bank also prompts you to make small savings as you spend your university allowance.

Other benefits

Jumping into the Weyay wagon offers you the following other benefits:

  • It is convenient: Access your account from wherever you are, at your own time. All you need are the internet and your user ID and password.
  • You contribute towards saving the environment without you noticing it: When doing your transactions online, you protect your environment. You don’t contaminate it with the fuel smoke from your vehicle. Combine it with all the savings you can make. Digital banking is the need of the hour.

Download Weyay app and just follow the instructions on your screen; you are well on your way to safe and stable banking. At present, the app is in its developmental stage. And accounts are available only to pre-registered customers.  Sign up to it, and the bank will get in touch with you in days.

Are you a student? Join Weyay. Get rewarded for each of your university allowance transfers to your account!

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