An ultimate guide to Profhilo and the many ways in which it can transform your face

An ultimate guide to Profhilo and the many ways in which it can transform your face

Worried about your advancing age and appearing fine lines on your face? Have issues with loose, sagging lustrous skin? Time to change how your skin looks and how you feel about it. Make it youthful, bright and vibrant with a highly effective needle treatment of Profhilo and give your facial skin the extra dose of nutrients to keep it firm and beautiful.

Why do we need Profhilo?

Our skin consists of the outer epidermis and the inner dermis layers. As we cross our 30th mark and our age begins to show an upward graph, these layers start losing their collagen contents. Collagen is a binding protein that holds the cells together to keep them firm. With the loss of this molecule, along with elastin, the skin slowly starts to break down, making the skin of our face, neck, hands and arms to sag, and the skin lacks its youthful radiance. And this effect is magnified by the absence of yet another important factor for a firm looking skin: hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid is an integral part that helps the skin hold moisture and restore its elasticity, making the skin soft and supple. Profhilo is a technology that has been explored in this injectable procedure, where the acid is made to invade the skin minimally, giving quick and effective results in weeks. The revolutionary technique helps restore the skin’s natural hyaluronic acid contents to a large extent, giving the skin the needed firmness, smoothness and texture. Profhilo is a very comfortable and user-friendly procedure that takes just a few sessions of almost no pain.

Skin Bioremodelling through Profhilo

Profhilo has been developed by the International pharma company IBSA, which has successfully introduced this new technique of skin remodelling to combat the signs of ageing. It is administered through an injection technique called Bio Aesthetics Point (BAP), which helps distribute the HA evenly below the skin surface without getting accumulated in one place. Profhilo identifies five strategic points where the HA is distributed, and it slowly diffuses to the different layers of the skin, helping it to rejuvenate from within. The technique is based on the hydro lift action that counteracts the reducing levels of HA in the skin cells.

Profhilo offers a biological activation with multi-level 3D flowability that gives the skin a new life. It does not act as a filler and hence, avoids the appearance of puffiness as a result. The procedure causes the body to stimulate its own fibroblast production, giving it the chance to enhance its own collagen and elastin contents. The skin bounces back to its youthfulness as the two increase, giving it a hydrated and firm look. The HA used is of the ultra-pure grade, and a dose of 64mg is given, which is the highest concentrations of HA that can be provided to the skin for best results. It is aimed at people who have crossed the age of 35 years.

Profhilo is a dermatologically approved procedure. The dermatologists engaged in these technological skin treatments are highly qualified and undergo intense in-house training before giving people service. They are trusted by thousands of customers from all over the world. The side effects are minimum and the benefits immense. The products used are all-natural and stabilized without using chemical cross polymers. This enhances the effectiveness of the procedure with minimum side effects.

Time and work of Profhilo

To get started, one needs almost four to six sessions of this injectible Profhilo that starts to show its results within four weeks of the administration of the HA. In fact, just after the first session, many clients have reported of seeing visible changes in the skin tone, texture and elasticity. The skin shows sufficient hydration and improves fine lines. There are also enhanced skin lightening and tightening. The skin appears more youthful, hydrated and lively just after four weeks of the treatment.

Profhilo is for anyone who wants flawless, radiant, youthful skin. Since it upgrades the condition of collagen and elastin of the skin, it restores the lost elasticity and improves the skin texture. Profhilo also promises to even out skin tones, increase hydration and reduce subcutaneous disorders. It is a natural treatment, and people usually will not notice it like anything done to the skin. However, some people have reported skin upliftment as Profhilo involves an increase in tissue density. The procedure is said to improve the skin laxity to great extents. And what’s more, the results can last up to 6 months or even longer!

Be vigilant After the procedure.

After completing all the sessions in the hands of trained personals, one is ready to flaunt their beautiful skin, but one needs to keep eyes open for a few things.

  • In the case of a facial Profhilo, one needs to keep their hands in control. Touching of the face frequently can cause irritation.
  • Stepping out in the sun just after the sessions can be a problem. It is best to stay inside or use umbrellas.
  • If swelling appears, the ice should be used to do away with the discomfort hourly. Too much salt or alcohol should be avoided to stop conditions from aggravating.
  • While sleeping, the face should be slightly uplifted and facing upwards.
  • No make-up should be applied 24 hours after the treatment to avoid bacterial infections and other skin troubles.
  • No cosmetic procedures should be performed 4 weeks after the injections in the area of the treatment.
  • Exercising is good, but not after Profhilo treatments. Avoid it for 48 hrs.

Well, women have been upfront in beautifying themselves with anything that they can rely on, starting from handy kitchen ingredients to expensive cosmetic surgeries. With the advent of technology, however, we have a number of tools in hand to experiment with and, of course, that give effective results. Profile is one such remedy that we can rely on. So, why wait, be the cynosure of every heart with radiant and glowing skin.

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