Top  5  Tips to Choose Bed Linen

Top 5 Tips to Choose Bed Linen

When a third of our lives is spent sleeping, it has to be spent well. Investing in fine bedding and bed linen becomes all the more important. No bed is fully made unless the mattress that covers it is hygienic, soft, decorative, and protective.

The bed sheet is often called with a variety of names and made of different materials. Cotton, linen, silk, fibers, and synthetics – all of these materials can be used to make the bed spread. The following information inspects the top reasons to choose bed sheets made of linen.

What is linen?

Made of the flax plant, and involving a lengthy manufacturing process, linen has better water absorption and drying properties than cotton. Strong because of its tensile yet flexible fibers, this material is most preferred during summers for its heat dissipating function.

Choose based on the thread count

What is the thread count in a blanket? It is a number that indicates the number of threads in a square metre or inch of fabric material. A thread count upwards of 400 is a good indicator of quality. However, there are plenty of manufacturers who can fool people by including double-yarns that project a higher thread count. Therefore it is important to choose bed linen from the right ecommerce site.

Stonewashed vs. Enzyme-washed bed linen

Pumice is one of the natural stones used to wash the linen fabric and soften its fibers. Volcanic rock is also used, but using pumice is more common. Natural stones and the linen fabrics are combined in an industrial-grade washing machine for washing. Enzyme-washed bed linen is washed using chemicals. Stonewashed linen sheets look youthfully worn-out. Enzyme-washed linen is eco-friendly and retains the texture of the material.

Type of weave

Some examples of weave types are microfiber, flannel, percale, pinpoint, sateen, etc. Of these, percale is used extensively for bed linen bed mattresses. Thick threads, woven in a tightly-knit pattern, produce higher fabric strength. Sateen-woven bed sheets withstand wrinkles or crumple of the bed sheet fabric and are thicker in general.

100% linen

Bed linen mattresses with cent percent linen are better as they last longer. Much heed must not be given to a linen bed cover with a finish that looks starchy. Attribute this aspect to the linen being pre-washed as pre-washed linens looked refined and feel softer. But they are pricier – so if you are price conscious, choosing one over the other may not matter.

Silk bed linens for the ultimate luxury

Made from a combination of silk and linen, silk linens are all-seasonal. Cooling fast during summers and retaining heat efficiently during winters, they are a worthwhile investment, despite being pricey. Being delicate, these bed linen sheets need extra care and maintenance.

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