Don’t Let Your Bank Balance Constantly Dictate The Way You Live. With Lazypay Shop Now And Pay Later!

Don’t Let Your Bank Balance Constantly Dictate The Way You Live. With Lazypay Shop Now And Pay Later!

Do you feel like your daily life is constantly being restricted by your bank balance? Maybe it’s time to change that. Lazypay ensures that you can live the life you want when you want it. Shop for the things you love and need and make the payments when you feel it is convenient for you.

Lazypay is like a digital credit card without exorbitant interest or an elaborate application process. Sign up for Lazypay digitally, get your pre-approved credit limit, choose your repayment plan and then live worry-free.

How to become a Lazypay user?

Lazypay is pay later app that users can download from the Google Playstore or they can look up Lazypay’s webpage.

To access Lazypay’s shop now, pay later service users to have to get a credit limit approved for themselves. For this, they need to provide some documentation. But this is a very simple process.

Users just have to give their Adhaar ID, their PAN number, their address proof, and their photograph. Once all the KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements are fulfilled, users can apply for their credit line. Lazypay gives instant credit approval.

The amount approved depends on the client’s credit score calculated based on the information provided by them.

Eligibility to become an approved user on Lazypay pay later app

Lazypay only approves users who are residents of India and are within the age of 22 to 55 years of age, residing in any major tier I or tier II city of India.  Lazypay also approves credit only for salaried users.

Data security

In today’s age when clients are regularly being cheated out of hard-earned money by fraudulent transactions, Lazypay is a well-established brand that is known for its integrity. Lazypay also ensures that any personal data shared by clients remains completely safe and no leaks can happen.

Credit repayment

Lazypay has many ways in which clients can use their credit limit. Clients can use Lazypay UPI ID, they can Scan and Pay or they can shop directly through websites and apps of Lazypay merchant partners.

For the amount they spend, clients can choose many different repayment options. They can pay back the whole amount within 15 days at no extra rate of interest. Or they can choose an EMI plan spread over 3 months or 6 months or 9 months or 12 months. Lazypay’s interest rates for EMIs are very affordable and all clients can find a repayment structure that best fits their requirements.

Besides the pay later application of Lazypay, it also offers many amazing money-saver options like cashback and discount coupons when using their merchant partners. Nearly 250+ Merchant partners are associated with Lazypay and include the most commonly used online like Swiggy, Flipkart, Book My Show, and Make My Trip.

More than 10 lakh people have already installed the Lazypay app and are reaping its benefits. Join them and give up compromising on your wishes. Shop now and pay later with Lazypay. Download the LazyPay app, get your credit limit and enjoy making those purchases like you never have !!!

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