5 Easy Fixes for Maturing Skin

Every person wishes to have young, glowing skin. But not many are able to achieve the skin of their dreams, especially when they are in their 30s. The body’s natural aging processes, environmental and weather factors in the UAE, a diet lacking in the right nutrients and poor quality of sleep, among other factors, can all cause the skin to mature much faster than it should.

But there are some simple fixes for maturing skin to retain its youthful dexterity – try these:

#1 Protect your skin from the elements.

Mature skin needs a lot more pampering and care, because it is unable to bounce back into good health the way young skin can. It reacts much faster with the elements – high heat, sunlight, pollution, humidity, and other factors in the UAE can accelerate aging and maturity. The skin loses its ability to replenish itself, leading to age spots, fine lines and wrinkles. Get ahead of the elements by protecting your skin with the right skin care in UAE. Follow a regular cleansing-toning-moisturising-sun block regimen every day, irrespective of the weather, and you will find that your skin retains its youthful, unlined radiance for much longer.

#2 Use natural remedies that suit your skin.

Maturing skin requires special care, and OTC serums and creams might not provide the nutrition it requires. You can ask your dermatologist about the right skin care routine to follow and best products to use. Meanwhile, you can also try natural remedies with ingredients sourced from your pantry. Make face packs from fresh fruit and vegetables, supplemented by items like cold milk, honey, herbs like turmeric. You can use cream or butter with rock salt or brown sugar to make a simple lip and face exfoliant. Tomato, ripe banana, cucumber, honey, milk and ripe papaya are excellent choices for hydration, repair and restoration.

#3 Pack sufficient nutrients in your diet.

You literally are what you eat. If your diet is loaded with nutrients, your skin will be healthy and suffused with a natural glow. But if your routinely consume junk food and sugary drinks, your skin will look dull and ridden with acne, among other problems. Your skin needs more care than it did when you were younger, because cell renewal and repair processes have slowed down considerably now. When you boost your skin’s repair and restoration efforts with adequate nutrition, it is able to produce more collagen (the primary protein required for building new skin) and lock in moisture far more efficiently. Also take care to drink at least one litre of water every day. If you don’t like to drink plain water, consume several cups of green or chamomile tea, plain unsweetened milk, vegetable soup, fresh fruit juice, etc.

#4 Exercise to remove toxins and impurities from the skin.

Exercise is needed now more than ever, because shifting the excess pounds becomes much difficult in the 30s and 40s. Apart from keeping the excess kilos at bay, exercise revitalises your skin’s natural defences. It aids in the toxin removal via sweat when you exercise, and improves the body’s lymphatic drainage and blood circulation processes. Be sure to use a good cleanser after exercise to remove the dried sweat and oil on the skin. Regular exercise imparts a natural glow to your skin, helping keep acne, fine lines and pigmentation at bay. Another benefit of exercise is that it helps you sleep better – good quality sleep is responsible for faster skin restoration, so you wake up looking fresh and radiant.

#5 Get regular facial massages.

Younger people don’t require facial massages, since their skin is taut and firm, and able to heal itself faster. But maturing skin is prone to sagging and fine lines, owing to a reduction in elasticity and hydration. Facial massages with special skin care products and/or using olive oil, homemade scrubs replenish the skin’s lost hydration and stimulate blood circulation. This firms up the skin tissues and locks in moisture, thus keeping premature aging and dullness at bay.

However, do be sure to consult your dermatologist for recurring problems, or issues that are causing soreness and inflammation in the skin. Following the tips mentioned above should keep your skin healthy for years to come.

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